Friday, November 4, 2011

I Think I Have A Blog Now.

This is a personal blog. That means I write random crap I think of and put it in a series of tubes in an appropriately pseudonymous fashion. Reading this blog constitutes your agreement not to whinge about how offended you are, because seriously, you don't have to read it. But fully justified complaints are always welcome because they're justified. Actually, whining may also be tolerated because hey at least that means someone is paying attention to me which is more than most bloggers can say.

So anyway, the reason I started this thing is because I kept having ideas where I'd think "oh, that'd be great for my blog... IF I HAD ONE!" Individually, they were passing thoughts. Collectively, they are a vast pile of verbiage commonly known as a "weblog."

Vital stats:

Blog: Yes.
Date: Today.
Current Mood: Verbose.
Sleep Status: No.
Word of the Day: Replevin.
Update Schedule: Whenever I bother.
Content: Highly limited.
Popularity: Un.
Blog Ranking: Last place.
Readership: Nil.

Advertisers welcome.

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