Saturday, March 2, 2013

Dispatches from Marketer World: Part 1— Maple Syrup

I really wasn't intending to turn ITIHAB into "Why Marketers Suck" but these market research surveys contribute significantly to my disposable income and the more I take the more I become convinced that marketers just don't live on the same planet as we do. So I guess my only option is to turn this into a regular feature, in which I share the many ways product marketers just don't think the way us humans do.

Today's report comes from a recent survey I took that wanted to gauge my opinion to some new breakfast product or summat; I'm not actually sure what it was since I bounced from the survey a few questions in.

The survey asked me whether I ever ate pancakes or waffles, and upon my confirmation that I did, it asked me what I typically put on them.

Maple syrup was not one of the options.

The multiple choice question offered options for various combinations of fruits, ice cream, whipped cream, and so forth, with the top of the list offering two choices of syrup: Corn syrup with fenugreek (the typical formula for cheap knockoff imitation maple syrup) or corn syrup with other flavouring.

Seriously? I know maple syrup is a tad expensive, but it didn't even occur to them to list it? Why, when I was growing up, serving pancakes with anything that listed "glucose-fructose" on its ingredients panel was considered a faux pas on roughly the same level as screwing your sister at the table.

And the marketers didn't even think to list it. From what I could tell, they were marketing some form of pancake or waffle mix; you would think a product's marketers might have at least some knowledge as to its complementary products.

I have to confess, however, that I've discovered a fondness for putting cream and jam on pancakes, largely due to a meal I had on a train a few years ago.

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