Thursday, December 19, 2013

They Actually Said It

So in previous posts explaining why I don't think marketers are human, I snarked that marketers seem to think people have "emotional connections" with brands. Unfortunately, my satire fell victim to the saddest death that satire can face.

I found this article in the Wall Street Journal about Facebook's intrusive new video ads (and reason #7 why I will never use Facebook). And in that article, I found this quote:

"Video is really powerful," said Shelby Saville, managing director at Spark, a media-buying unit of Publicis Groupe SA "Using sight, sound and motion is a way to get consumers to have an emotional connection to the brand, if it's well done."

Seriously. They literally believe that people have "emotional connections" to small pieces of intellectual property and the legal fictions that own them.

I have no idea what planet marketers originally come from, but I think many of us would prefer it if they could all go back there.

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