Sunday, August 21, 2016

Little Things That BUG Me #11

Still not up for a proper post but I can probably manage a LTTBM so here goes.

When a work featuring non-human characters (alien, robot, talking animal, etc) neglects to replace human-specific language with more appropriate terms, that bugs me a bit. Why, exactly, is the alien who has never even seen a human before excusing his faults by saying: "I'm only human?" It doesn't make sense.

But what bugs me more is when such a work replaces species-agnostic terms with derivatives that specifically refer to the non-human nature of the speakers. The word "everybody" does not make any reference to species, so if you are an adult who is creepily obsessed with a certain children's cartoon, be very careful with your language or I might have to sever your leg.

Just to make things a little more complicated, all of my writing assumes the word "person" is a species-neutral term for any social sapient who might be present; mandraga are clearly not human but they'd be quite upset if a bigot declared they're not people. Not everyone shares this assessment (being as humans are the only people we know of IRL, it's not like the matter is easily settled by common usage), but I've been using it that way so long that seeing a non-human character replace "person" with a species-specific term just bugs me.

Saturday, August 20, 2016

Post Poned.

I was planning to write an actual post with all the words and everything but I'm feeling crook and can't do things right now.

Except gakking my lungs out. That I think I can handle.

Friday, August 12, 2016

Why Jasper Is Simultaneously Great And Terrible

I haven't slept and I will likely not be able to sleep. I asked my internal clock what time it was, and my internal clock said: "NaN" because it is just that brokened.

So instead of sleeping, I will post as to why Jasper is simultaneously great and terrible.

Reasons why Jasper is great:

1. It is quite charming.
2. It is very mountainous and scenic.
3. It has bears who are cute and cuddly.
4. Adjusted for population size, the food is amazing.
5. It is conveniently accessible by train.
6. It has a cable car.

Reasons why Jasper is terrible:

1. It is in Alberta. Alberta is not charming.
2. It is fucking cold in winter. Winter lasts from October to April.
3. Glomming bears is bad for your health and intactitude.
4. Everything is very expensive.
5. The trains are also very expensive.
6. I think it has a cable car. I didn't actually check. I was only there for two days, four years ago, and I couldn't sleep then either.

Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Today Is Tuesday

Tuesday is a good day to suffer a spell of SIWOTI Syndrome and end up explaining the intricacies of a foreign country's criminal code to a flock of furries on a forum.

And then forget to hit post until it's too late and the title is a filthy lie.